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Email Lists


University email broadcast services offered are coursemail, mail, and listserv which are mail services known as reflectors.

A Coursemail (Knowledge Base article) reflector is an email address that allows an instructor to communicate with all of the students of a course/section through that single address. The instructor is able to create the list from within the University of Maryland Electronic Grading (UMEG) system.

A Mail reflector (Knowledge Base article) is an open broadcast email service. With this simple reflector, the owner and administrators for the reflector add and remove addresses as needed. Anything sent to the reflector address is sent to all addresses configured in the reflector. There are no controls over who can send to a reflector.

A Listserv reflector (Knowledge Base article) is a more controlled broadcast email service. With a Listserv reflector the owner can add and remove subscriber addresses but the list can also be configured to allow people to do their own subscriptions. Subscribers can delete their subscriptions at any time without asking the list owner to do it. A Listserv reflector also allows control over who can post to the list. This can be wide open, like a mail reflector, or as restrictive as an editor. The list moderator has to approve all postings.

Another option is Google Groups, a unique collaboration tool that can facilitate a simple mailing list, a mailing list with advanced functions (like moderation), a question and answer forum, or an announcement board. For details about this service visit the Google Groups catalog entry.

Access requirements: Coursemail - enrolled in the list's particular class
Reflectors - a reflector can be owned by anyone
Listserv - a Listserv list owner of record must be a full-time University of Maryland, College Park employee
Audience/User base: Coursemail - Faculty, students and teaching assistants
Listservs and Reflectors - Faculty, staff, students, affiliates
Dedicated support link:
Hours of availability: 24x7
How to obtain service: To create a Coursemail account, visit
for a Listserv account, visit
for a Reflector address, visit .
Service link: