Update Your Student Contact Information in Testudo

There are two official University of Maryland email systems: UMD Gmail and TERPmail. UMD Gmail is the email platform that should be used by employees (including student employees). This allows the University to securely promote communication and collaboration, allow for business continuity, and maintain effective handling of institutional data. TERPmail is the undergraduate student email platform. Employees should Update Their Contact Information in ARES/PHR

NOTE: Former students see Obtain a New Directory ID for Former Students.

NOTE: Changes to your email address in the system may take up to 30 minutes to complete. Once your email is set to your TERPmail account, it cannot be changed. To change your passphrase, see the Passphrase Management page. 

  1. In a browser, visit Testudo.
  2. Click Change Address/E-mail. You may be prompted to log in with your university credentials. You may also need to Authenticate With Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).
  3. Click Edit to make changes to your contact information.
    The blue edit button is located next to Contact Information in Testudo.
  4. Select the access level of your profile from one of the two following options:
    • Confidential - contact information is not published in the University directory.
    • Public - contact information is published in the University directory.
      NOTE: While you may select to keep your contact information confidential or to make it public, sharing of contact information is subject to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) laws.
  5. Email is automatically set to a University of Maryland system. For Undergraduate Students, it is @terpmail.umd,edu. For Graduate students, it is @umd.edu. If you are a Student employee, Update Contact Information in ARES/PHR.
  6. Click Update to save changes. Once you have completed this process, your contact information will be updated within two hours.

If you want your mail arrive at another account, it is recommended that you set up forwarding in your TERPmail account.