Create and Manage Content in a ELMS-Canvas Course for Instructors

ELMS-Canvas provides instructors with three options for presenting and managing content in a course space:

The Files area serves as a repository for documents, presentations, images, pdf files and media that have been uploaded from your local computer or that have been migrated or copied from another course. This area can be hidden from students (while still sharing the content in it through other tools), or you can choose to share the repository itself with students. For more information, see the Files Instructor Guides.

Modules are used to create a structured, link-oriented, sequential presentation of content. Modules can link to files, web pages, third-party integrations, and other ELMS-Canvas tools (such as Quizzes or Discussions). For more information, see the Modules Instructor Guides.

Pages are wiki-like web pages that not only can display text, graphics and embedded media, but also provide links to other course content. Pages can be used to design a course homepage or starting point. For more information, see the Pages Instructor Guides.