Identifying Student Activity in ELMS-Canvas Courses Through New Analytics

Canvas provides a few tools to help faculty identify student access to and activity in ELMS-Canvas course spaces.

Last activity and total activity

The People tool provides a quick view of the last date and time a student logged into an ELMS-Canvas course space. The Total Activity field identifies the accumulated number of hours and minutes a student has spent within the course space engaged in various activities such as viewing pages, submitting assignments, taking quizzes and participating in discussions.

ELMS-Canvas People Tool displaying Total Activity for 3 students.


Canvas provides more detailed analytics related to grades and weekly activity. Data is available related to the class as a whole and on a per-student basis. Data points include charting course grades, identifying course content views and participation (for instance assignments turned in, quizzes taken) by the class as a whole and per student, as well as the instructor to student communication ratios.

ELMS-Canvas Page Views and Participation data table.

The New Analytics '' tool is available in the set of management tools on the course home page. Data can be viewed as a chart graph or data table.

ELMS-Canvas Management Tools bar. The New Analytics Button is highlighted.

See New Analytics Access for details about the tool. In addition to viewing the reports of course activity online, instructors can export a student mastery summary report.