Set Up Notification Preferences in ELMS-Canvas

ELMS-Canvas includes a set of default notification preferences for students and instructors that can be managed at the global level (in which case requested modifications affect communication processes for all courses in which the individual is enrolled) or at the course level.  Notification preferences impact where and with what frequency you will receive course communications and alerts.  Communication can be about such course activities as the posting of a new announcement or grade, or a message sent via the Canvas Conversations (Inbox) tool.

Global Notification Preferences

For details see the following Canvas documentation:

How do I set my notification preferences as a Student?

How do I set my notification preferences as an Instructor?

What are Notification Preferences video tutorial


Course Level Notification Preferences

Course-level notification preferences override account-level settings, enabling an individual to have unique preferences for specific courses.  The notification preferences available within a course are identified by the same frequency icons associated with global preferences (e.g., notify immediately, daily summary, weekly summary and notification turned off).  The View Course Notifications button is located in the panel of course engagement options in the right panel of the Home page.  Click on any icon associated with a Course Activity category to change a preference of the notification option.  

In addition, as of October 16, 2021, a "Settings For" menu will be available in the global notifications window enabling users to view and change course-specific preferences in addition to setting up global preferences.