Obtain a New Directory ID for Former Students

If you attended the University of Maryland but are no longer an active student, you may need to create a new Directory ID to perform certain tasks, such as Transcript Requests. Please follow the steps below to obtain your Directory ID.

NOTE: Students who have graduated before 1990 need to contact the Service Desk in order to have their records pulled out of the University's archives.

  1. Go to the UMD Identity Verification page.
  2. Complete the Identity Verification form, then click Verify ID.
    • If you do not know your University ID Number, click on the drop down next to the Enter your University ID Number field and choose Last 5 SSN (Social Security Number)
      UID Number
    • If the system is not able to locate your information, contact the Service Desk. Students who have graduated before 1990 may need to have their records pulled out of the University's archives.
  3. If an active Directory ID is discovered, the Directory Information page will open. If no active Directory ID is discovered, the Directory ID Setup page will open.
    Directory ID Setup
  4. At the Directory ID Setup page, select a system-selected Directory ID or enter a custom Directory ID. 
    • To create a custom Directory ID, enter a Directory ID in the Desired Directory ID field, under the Check Availability heading. Custom Directory IDs should be derived from your name and contain no more than 8 characters, including letters and numbers. Click Search to find out if custom Directory ID is available. 
  5. If you are satisfied with the system-selected Directory ID or your custom ID is available, click on Available Directory ID under Select Directory ID.
  6. To confirm the ID you have selected, select YES in the drop-down box and then click ACCEPT.
  7. Complete the New Password fields on the Password Setup page. New passwords must follow the Password Requirements. After you have created a password, click Update Password.
  8. Now you need to set up a recovery phone. See Add a Verified Phone for Directory ID Passphrase Resets for more information.
  9. Contact the Service Desk or Terrapin Tech if you have any questions.

NOTE: To request a new diploma, visit Office of Registrar and click Diploma Remake Request under Online Transactions heading.