Connect to umd-iot WiFi

Table of contents

What is umd-iot for?

The eduroam wireless network requires specific authentication that some devices do not support. Umd-iot (Internet of Things) can connect media devices (like Amazon Echo, Roku, Apple TV) and gaming consoles wirelessly to the internet. Check device compatibility on the umd-iot wireless network.

The umd-iot wireless network is not intended for computers, tablets, smartphones, or any other device compatible with eduroam (WPA2 Enterprise authentication). Connect these devices to the eduroam wireless network.


Who has access?

Current resident students and LAN admins have access to umd-iot wireless network on campus.
NOTE: If you are off campus, you must Connect to GlobalProtect Virtual Private Network (VPN) first.


How to register a device

  1. Log into
  2. Click Device then Managed Device (verify the devices you have registered).
  3. Click Create.
  4. Enter your IoT device's wireless MAC address.
  5. Enter a Device Name.
  6. Click the Term of Use checkbox. Click Create.
  7. A unique 12-digit umd-iot password for your device will be generated.
  8. Connect your device to umd-iot with the password provided on the registration page.

NOTE: Devices connecting to the umd-iot network will not be able to communicate with one another at this time.

 This screen requires the MAC address, Device Name, and to accept the Terms of Use to register a device.