Comprehensive Guide to Panopto for Instructors


Panopto is a media management system, audio and/or video lecture capture tool, and cloud-based hosting service integrated with ELMS-Canvas. With Panopto, instructors can record, share, view, download, reuse, and broadcast live sessions. Students can record, edit, and submit videos via ELMS-Canvas.

Privacy notice

IMPORTANT: Certain student, faculty and staff information and privacy are protected by federal, state and other laws. Be sure you are meeting legal standards when using UMD audiovisual recording systems. Learn how to protect yourself and other UMD community members by reading the article on Protecting Student Privacy and Personally Identifiable Information in UMD Audiovisual Recording Systems.


Access Panopto at

Panopto is available to incoming and existing students, faculty, staff, and affiliates with a current, active university Directory ID and passphrase.

To log into UMD's Panopto service, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Go to the University of Maryland Panopto Login page.
  2. From the Sign in to Panopto drop-down menu, choose Panopto Canvas.
  3. Select the Sign In button.
  4. At the Central Authentication Service (CAS) login window, enter your university credentials and select Login.
  5. Panopto will open to the Home page.


Access Panopto in ELMS-Canvas

Content can be recorded, managed, and shared from, but the simplest way to make content available to students in a course is to use the Panopto Recordings area in ELMS-Canvas. When an Instructor selects the Panopto Recordings link in their ELMS-Canvas course navigation for the first time, a corresponding Panopto course folder is created in  Content uploaded to the Panopto Recordings area in ELMS-Canvas will also appear in the Panopto course folder in  Similarly, content uploaded to a Panopto course folder in will also appear in the Panopto Recordings area of the ELMS-Canvas course.

To access Panopto in ELMS-Canvas:

  1. Go to ELMS-Canvas and select Login.
  2. At the Central Authentication Service (CAS) login window enter your university credentials and click Log In.
  3. Select a course space in ELMS-Canvas.
  4. Select the Panopto Recordings link from the course navigation.


Use Panopto in ELMS-Canvas

In the Panopto Recordings area of an ELMS-Canvas course, instructors can:

The Panopto Support website provides directions for How to Use Panopto with Canvas for Instructors.

At UMD, instructors can also Import Panopto Recordings from One ELMS-Canvas Course Space to Another.

NOTE:  Panopto Capture is not available for use at UMD.


Download and install Panopto for Windows or Panopto for Mac

To record audio or video on a personal computer, users must download and install either the Panopto for Windows or Panopto for Mac application.


Record lectures with Panopto in General Purpose Classrooms

Panopto for Windows is installed on the computers in UMD's General Purpose Classrooms (GPCs), and the cameras and microphones in the GPCs are configured to capture Panopto recordings.  To record your lecture, follow the directions provided in the Panopto Classroom Lecture Capture Quick Guide.


Provide captioning

Provide captioning for all of your course videos.  To enable and edit captions, follow the directions for Panopto Automatic Machine Captioning.  Instructors and units can Request Professional Captioning for Panopto Videos.


Explore additional features


Find additional support

Write to or go to Learning Technology Resources for Instructors for links to more support documentation, videos, webinars, and contacts.