Installing MyE911

UMD uses a product by RedSky called MyE911 in order to properly route emergency calls to the nearest PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) operators while remotely using softphone.

This application is required for anyone using a Cisco softphone with UMD’s phone system for federal E911 compliance. If MyE911 is not installed, you will lose access to softphone features. Softphone access must be provisioned before attempting to install this application. Submit a Softphone request form to get access. After initial setup, MyE911 will run silently in the background, and request or verify your location whenever a network change is detected.

If you want more information, the official MyE911 User Guide PDF is available here.

  1. MyE911 is available from the following sources:
    1. Windows.
    2. OSX.
  2. Launch MyE911 from your desktop for initial setup
  3. Enter the following data into the fields:
    1. Primary Server:
    2. Backup Server:
    3. Username: Your university email address (
    4. Password: Jabber9!!
      NOTE: If this is your first login, you will be prompted to change your password.
  4. MyE911 will now run in the background. When you launch your softphone, you will be prompted to create a location.
    1. Click the red Set Location button.
    2. Create Location. All locations are created under the Personal tab. The Corporate tab will be pre-populated with campus addresses by an administrator.
    3. Click + Create Location from the Personal tab. Add a location referencing the example below. Name it as you like.
  5. MyE911 will detect network changes, such as moving from home to work, or connecting to a new Wi-Fi. Use of your softphone is prevented until your location is confirmed. It is your responsibility to enter an accurate address so that emergency calls are routed to the appropriate local responders.
  6. Your locations are saved to quickly select commonly used addresses when prompted.